English (US) was used in writing this agreement. In case this agreement is translated to other languages and brings about disagreement to the content therein, the English version will be used. It is prudent to note that, section 16 is for users outside the United State of America.

Date of Last Revision: February 10, 2017

Rights and Responsibilities Statement

Right and responsibilities statement is derived from SHARENTAG principles and it constitutes terms of services that govern the relationship between SHARENTAG and its users. In addition, the principles prescribed in this statement also govern SHARENTAG products, brand and services. Using SHARENTAG, its products and services means the users has already prescribed to the term of the statement.  According to section 13, the statement is updated from time to time as need be and compliance to the updated terms is a necessity. Toward the end of this document, there are some useful resources describing how SHARENTAG works. 

Due to the increased products, apps and services that are offered by SHARENTAG, there are some supplemental terms that apply to each one of these services, products and apps. In case of any conflict between the statement of Rights and Responsibilities and the supplemental terms of products, apps and services is only addressed to the extent of conflict. 

  1. Privacy 

At SHARENTAG, we value the privacy of our users. For this reason we have data policy that allows our users to understand how share their information with others and how we can use their data without violating their privacy. It is therefore prudent for users to read and understand the data policy for better decision making. 

  1. Sharing Your Content and Information

SHARENTAG users own all the information that they post on their SHARENTAG pages. The users have total control of how this information can be used through the privacy settings found in SHARENTAG App. Additionally:

  1. Photos and videos are protected by intellectual property rights. They are called IP content and thus, the user allows SHARENTAG rights to use this contents as governed by privacy setting and app settings. This kind of permission is non-exclusive, sub-licensable and royalty-free. The use of IP contents (photos and videos) is worldwide license in connection with SHARENTAG (IP License). This license i.e. IP License is terminated once the user that has deleted the photos and videos. However, if these photos were shared with other users and they have not yet deleted the license still stands. 
  2. Deleting of IP contents take the form of recycle bin in a computer, hence therefore these deleted IP contents might be in back-up copies within a given period of time.
  3. Application is set in such a way that it will ask the user for permission to use the information, data and content that others have shared with you. These applications must observe privacy and respect it.
  4. Public setting in your SHARENTAG page allow all people even those outside SHARENTAG to access your information such as name, age and your profile photos. Including this your favorite SHARENTAG site will also be revealed to public.
  5. SHARENTAG seek user’s suggestions and feedbacks about their products and service. These feedback and suggestions are not paid for.
  1. Safety

SHARENTAG page is meant to be safe; however SHARENTAG may not fully guarantee this. To ensure safety of SHARENTAG users, SHARENTAG has made the following commitments.

  1. An authorized commercial content should not be posted on SHARENTAG by users.
  2. No one is allowed to gather information of other users through automated ways not unless authorized to do so.
  3. Unlawful Multi-level market is not allows in SHARENTAG.
  4. Users are not allowed to upload viruses in SHARENTAG.
  5. You should not attempt to log in to someone else’s account.
  6. Cyber-bullying is not allowed.
  7. Inciting messages, pornographic videos and hate speech should not be posted on SHARENTAG.
  8. Any misleading information or unlawful information should not be used in SHARENTAG. 
  9. No one should violate the Policy Statement. 
  1. Registration and Account Security

To register as SHARENTAG user, SHARENTAG requires that you use your real and hence they need users’ help to maintain and safeguard that. The following are commitment that as user you make as far as registration and security maintenance is concerned.

  1. SHARENTAG user should not provide false information during registration or create an account using someone else’s personal information
  2. You should not create two accounts. User is allowed to create only one account.
  3. In case of an account being disabled, you will not be allowed to create another account without consent from SHARENTAG.
  4. For business purposes, personal account should not be use. For commercial purposes, one should create another account.
  5. SHARENTAG does not allow under 13 years individuals to use SHARENTAG
  6. You are not allowed to use SHARENTAG if you gave sexual offensive cases.
  7. Contact information should be up to date.
  8. Don’t share your password with anyone and incase your password is compromised you allowed to reset it.
  9. You are allowed to transfer your account to someone else after getting permission from SHARENTAG.
  10. Use of similar username can be removed by SHARENTAG if it violates trademark policy.
  1. Protecting rights of other people

SHARENTAG respect rights of other people.

  1. SHARENTAG will not allow posting of any information either video or photo that violate the rights of any person or any act that leads to violation of law.
  2. If information posted in SHARENTAG goes against the policy statement, then SHARENTAG has the right to remove such information. 
  3. SHARENTAG provides measures and mechanism that protects users’ rights to intellectual property. 
  4. Appealing opportunity is provided to the user if he or she feels that information removed by SHARENTAG was done by mistake.
  5. Recurring violation of other user’s intellectual property will lead to automatic closure of the account.
  6. No one is allowed to use SHARENTAG trademarks of copyright no unless otherwise advised by SHARENTAG as per the Brand Use Guidelines.
  7. If you want to use information from other users, you must get consent from them to publish their information where needed and apply the required privacy setting as per the privacy settings.
  8. SHARENTAG does not allow posting of other people financial information on SHARENTAG or any other sensitive information that may infringe their privacy.
  9. SHARENTAG non-users should not be tagged on SHARENTAG photos or message be sent to them through SHARENTAG.


  1. Mobile and other devices
  1. We have in recent past been providing mobile services for free, however the carrier you are using will charge you normally as per their fee tariff. 
  2. In the event that you change your cell number, you should update the information on your SHARENTAG account to avoid sending message to the wrong person.
  3. Consent is required to allow all used to sync their mobiles with information that available to them on SHARENTAG.
  1. Commercial and advertisement Content on SHARENTAG

The main goal of SHARENTAG on commercial and advertisement is to ensure that the content is useful to the users and advertisers. To ensure this, SHARENTAG requires its users to do the following:

  1. Allow SHARENTAG to use your name, photos and information as far as commercial, sponsored advertisements are concerned.
  2. The information is not shared with the advertisers not unless consent is received.
  3. User need to understand that, SHARENTAG may not be in a position to categorize paid services.
  1. Software Special Provisions
  1. Once you have downloaded our application or SHARENTAG, you gave us an express permission to update such application and software from time to time to improve efficiency.  
  2. If you down the above mentioned software and application, you will not be able to upgrade or update such software as such privileges are left to us. 
  1. Amendments

When SHARENTAG does an amendment to any policy the following will be notified to you;

  1. First you will be notified of any changes done and you will be given the opportunity to review and give comments on the reviewed terms before you continue using our services and products.
  2. Any changes made to any policy and guideline or terms referenced by this statement, you will be provided with a notice.
  3. Continued usage of SHARENTAG services follow changes of policies must your accepted by you.
  1. Termination

If you infringe the spirit or letter of this Statement or involve yourself in an activity that risks and has legal implications on us, SHARENTAG has right to terminate your services and any agreement with SHARENTAG. We will send notification to the email provided by you or when you access your account. You can remove or deactivate your application at any time. In this situation, we will terminate this Statement but some for the provisions (including, 2.2, 2.4, 3-5, 9.3, 14-18) will still be applicable. 

  1. Disputes
  1. Claims raised by other users against your information on SHARENTAG will hold SHARENTAG free from any expenses and loses. Although we have rules for user’s conduct, we cannot control a user’s actions on SHARENTAG and not responsible for the content and information transmitted by users.
  2. You use SHARENTAG at your own risk though we try keep SHARENTAG bug free and safe. Therefore we do not assure that SHARENTAG will be error free. SHARENTAG will not be responsible for any damage done to third parties.
  3. We ensure that SHARENTAG is free from any bug, and safe. However, users use it at all their own risk. We are providing SHARENTAG without any hidden or expressed warranties together with but not restricted to, hidden guarantees of merchantability, robustness for a specific reason, and non-infringement. There is no guarantee of total security on SHARENTAG and that it will work seamlessly without errors or it will work continuously with no disruptions from both internal and external environment. In addition we acknowledge that there might be delay which may make SHARENTAG imperfect. SHARENTAG will not be held responsible for any third party privacy violation either in term of data, information, images or videos. Hence therefore, no SHARENTAG Directors, employees or officers or agent will be held responsible such a violation. Any claim by third party should not be brought to SHARENTAG. SHARENTAG will not be liable for any lost profit or nay other consequential, indirect or incidental damage that may have been described in this statement even if SHARENTAG had been earlier alerted or advised on such damages or loss. SHARENTAG average liability that may be as result of the above statement or SHARENTAG will not be more that one hundred dollars ($100) or any amount that may have been paid to SHARENTAG for the past one year. In case the applicable law does not limit or exclude liability or any consequential or incidental damage the above limitation or damage may therefore not apply to the user. In this kind of a scenario, SHARENTAG’s will be fully limited to liability as allowed by applicable law.


  1. Provisions applicable to users outside United States

Apart from creating a global community, SHARENTAG also strive to respect local laws. That is US local laws. If you are user outside US and interact with SHARENTAG, the following provisions will apply;

  1. There will be no transferring and processing of personal data in the US.
  2. You will not engage in commercial activities on SHARENTAG or operate a website if you are a designated national in the US list. There will be no use of SHARENTAG if you are banned from using services or software whose origin is the US.
  1. Definitions of terms
  1. By SHARENTAG services – We mean features and services available in our website at www.SHARENTAG.com and any other SHARENTAG branded website (including widgets, international versions, mobile versions, and sub domains), Other media services, software, (Extensions, toolbars etc), products, devices, network brands, Social plugins, (share, like button). Our Platform.  SHARENTAG holds the copyright to assign, in its own judgment, that perhaps our products, services, brands, are administered by sole terms and not this SRR.  
  2. Information – Information about a user and actions taken by both users and non users in interaction with SHARENTAG.
  3. Data – User’s information that a user can retrieve from SHARENTAG platform. Information retrieved by third parties is also known as data. 
  4. Platform – This includes set of services and APIs that allow website operators and developers and applications to reclaim or supply information from SHARENTAG.
  5. Content – Anything posted by a user that can be shared using SHARENTAG services.
  6. Application – Any application that access and receives data from SHARENTAG or has ever received data from SHARENTAG. If a user does not continue to access data from SHARENTAG and has not deleted any data at SHARENTAG then the term application will not continue to apply.
  7. By ‘Use’ we mean any use of SHARENTAG services such as run, display or modify.
  8. By Post we mean anything made available on SHARENTAG.
  1. Other information

This includes any information stated in our Statement regarding the rights and responsibilities.

  1. All rights expressed by you are reserved.
  2. No conferment with any third parties.
  3. Failure of us not enforcing any our Statement will therefore not be considered as a waiver.
  4. Entire agreement between users regarding SHARENTAG is entirely based on our Statement.
  5. Any unenforceable portion of our Statement will lead the remaining portion to be in full effect.
  6. We shall always comply with the law and will not be prevented by any information in the Statement.
  7. Amendment arising from the Statement must be addressed to SHARENTAG through writing and signed by SHARENTAG.
  8. There will be no transference of a user’s rights to anyone else without SHARENTAG’s consent.
  9. All laws should be compiled when using or accessing SHARENTAG.
  10. Our rights under our Statement are assignable by us in connection with operation of law.