Statements of Rights and Responsibilities
Sharentag terms of service are derived from Sharentag principles that govern the relationship between Sharentag and users. The principles also govern Sharentag brands, products and services. A user has to agree to the statements updated from time to time before gaining full control of the Sharentag brands, products and services. Below is a list of supplemental terms one has to review before accessing Sharentag brands, products and services.

1. Privacy
At Sharentag, they believe your privacy is important; therefore they have a data policy which is designed in a way to help you make informed decisions on how to share your content with others. The policy also allows Sharentag to collect and use your content.

2. Sharing of content and information
You now have full control of content and information that you post on Sharentag. This is made possible through the privacy settings. In addition

3. Safety

At Sharentag the safety of your account is guaranteed at Sharentag, By following the commitments stated below, you help keeping Sharentag safe.

4. Account security and Registration

Account registration commitments should be adhered to so as to maintain your account security. The commitments include

5. Respecting other users rights

At Sharentag your rights are fully respected. The same is required for you. The following is what is required from you as a sign of respect to other users.

6. Mobile Devices

The following are terms of services on use of mobile while accessing Sharentag;

7. Commercial and Advertisements’ content enhanced by Sharentag

Advertisers are required to follow the following while using Sharentag.

8. Provisions applicable to software

Users using software have to follow the following;

9. Amendments

When Sharentag does an amendment to any policy the following will be notified to you;

10. End of provision of services

Violation of these statements can lead to us to stop providing all or part of Sharentag to you. You will be notified through an email or next time you attempt to access your account. Your account may be deleted or your application may be disabled at any time. 11. Disputes

12. Provisions applicable to users outside United States

Apart from creating a global community, Sharentag also strive to respect local laws. That is US local laws. If you are user outside US and interact with Sharentag, the following provisions will apply;