About Us

Our site was proudly developed by UI/UX designer Itzik Barlev. Hired by clients all over the world and with over 15 years of experience in the Design niche; Itzik Barlev is an expert in offering intuitive solutions for complex problems. He has an impressive background, including an Art Degree by a prestigious Institute at Milan. Today, he focuses on high quality typography, outstanding designs and layouts, while creating a high-standard branded digital experience. He is the team leader and department manager of a startup leading company in the Stock Exchange Startups field. All of the above aided in the creation of Sharentag; the perfect example of how Itzik Barlev aims to create a positive effect on client’s lives.   

Sharentag is the perfect window for you to discover useful, creative and inspiring sites. Whether you need to learn about the latest news in your favorite hobby or professional field, navigating through Sharentag will provide the best site. We strongly believe it is the people who possess the best information out there; the idea is to find these users and learn about their suggestions and saved bookmarks. If you are in need of practical advice in the Automotive area, Sharentag will find it for you. 

Sharentag is the trendiest social network that allows users to tag, save and organize their favorite bookmarks in an attractive manner. Users can also share these websites with friends and build great connections by making new acquaintances.

There’s no need any more to scroll endlessly, to seek a needle in the haystack in the overwhelmingly big internet universe.  Say forever goodbye to click site by site, trying to find that special webpage with the information you need, only to find most of them are useless or not pertinent to your search. Keep your favorite bookmarked sites neatly organized, divided by categories; the information always available, always handy. The cherry on top? There is no need for you to open the App, you can use Sharentag Chrome Extension directly from your browser and you will have an easy and fast access to your favorite sites.

Along with tagging and passing the word about these sites, Sharentag allows you to comment on each bookmark you share: personalize your experience, tell your friends why you liked or find that site interesting. This both saves time and gives a little bit extra!

Say good-bye to the past and hello to the future. Sharentag is the new way to do it.